INTEGRA hosted 30 experts from social work institutions, family counselling organizations, adult education institutions, NGOs and professional associations. We decided to have two pilot testing workshops in order to enable participants to gain as much as possible from both presentations and workshops.

The first workshop was held on the 30th of May 2016 in Topolšica with 15 participants, mainly social workers and experts, who work in social-welfare and NGO programs. The objective was to obtain feedback for the learning materials and to collect suggestions for further improvement. During the first part a presentation was held related to the national research findings about the benefits that FamilEU project could bring to local communities. In the second part participants took part in the workshops, where they learned more about the social and educational approaches from the online platform. The last part included evaluation and plenary discussion.

The second workshop was held in Velenje on the 3rd of July 2016. INTEGRA hosted there art and NLP therapists psychologists, mediators and trainers from adult education providers, as well as some counsellors from the labour market service, altogether 10 people participated. The schedule of the pilot testing was the same with the first workshop, apart from the second part where there was an example of good practices presented during the Theraphy with puppets. The participants in both pilot meetings showed great interest for learning about the material and tools.