The aim of FamilEU is to equip the social workers and other relevant practitioners in areas of social welfare, provide training to family member, in order in their turn to provide a peer to peer support to members of their families who are in need, facilitate their (re) integration both in the society and in the market where appropriate. The escalating socio-economic transformations have affected in a profound manner the molecule of the EU society that is the family.

More specifically, FamilEU aims to:

  • Integrate the potential of digitally-mediated social environments into the fostering of innovative learning communities for the EU Citizens, and try to capitalize its affordances.
  • Develop an online training package to build the capacity of adult member of families with socio-economic problems to act as social workers.
  • Conduct a review of policies and a gap analysis in relation the resources and the approaches in the provision of social welfare.
  • Design and develop an on-line adaptation toolkit where it will provide specific guidelines to the FamilEU stakeholders on how to integrate the FamilEU training package in their normal training activities, how to utilize it as an adult training component and how the modules and trainees be accredited based on the ECTS each module will carry.
  • Provide training to adults, members’ families with some social or economic problems and by doing this improving social inclusion and participation of citizens.
  • Develop a mobile application and an elearning platform to contain FamilEU toolkit, digital learning activities/ tools and online modules.